Love and Jesus

Love and Jesus are all you need

to put your trailer truck to happy speed

To make you a happy camper who does not rock the boat

Praise the Lord, and cross the ford

Before you open your constitutional mouth

Exercise your God gifted choice to speak

may we remind we have a pretty big bus to throw you under

Bury you in oak wood and teak

Love and Jesus are all you need

to believe in something precious to hold onto

to be afraid of losing or hurting something

To make sure your conscience obeys omerta pronto

You may be sick you may be on the disabled list

We are going to hunt you for God and Country still

Until we discover the limits of your psychic Houdini skills

Until we sign the order for the kill

You may escape the sheikhs by wearing green

Learn the ancient holy books to escape the juice

We will find a chink in your poetry petty pretty bard

And find a tree for your brown neck on the noose

For we were men who were raised on a corn farm

And on a farm there is always work to do

You thought you were so pretty and so smart

While all along we were playing you






Author: Ajay Ohri

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