Maddy Grass

on the air unaware

but beware there is no snare

there was no ruse

absolutely no excuse

to let you go or let you in

to make you choose between heaven and sin

the biggest conspiracy theory there was

no conspiracy at all towards

your propensity to balance justice with profit or loss

you and your shenanigans and literary escapades

your masks and your dances and your charades

your tanks and your drones and your parades

you said something in your sleep

it felt so well so profound so deep

your harvests waving come farmer you sowed lets reap

when you woke up it was gone

the green fields and the golden wheat and the prom

and all you were left was this song

regret was a double edged sword they issued for you

until guilt overtook the low flying truth

behold your icy beer but your cups of woe

your monkey to carry but your chicken to stew

while you wait patiently for time to pass

once more your illness your madness has brought you down to grass




Author: Ajay Ohri

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