Change Chang Ching Chin

To partake beauty we must pretend

To listen to nod to understand

Above all to empathise and be philanthropic

To dip in the foundation’s chequebook for every demand

To crunch food rich in taste flavour and nourishing

We must pay top dollar to munch

To server usher and the powers to be

Lets do core business over more lunch

To fill the existential dilemma

Of a life of superficiality so hollow

We filled your cupboard and your car

With gadgets and the latest toys to follow

Then We realised to pay for the life the food and the toys

We need many more trinkets of silver and gold

Which means you have to be a slave to the routine

We have to obey them till we are old

With little time to now enjoy

No more  time to play with all those toys

No energy to question what we chose to obey

Pay the taxes for all the wars so our malls do stay



Author: Ajay Ohri

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