Maybe I am wasting time

I waste time thinking of coups and runaway trucks and idle sparks

I waste energy taking walks in a circle in parks

I waste work sleeping on my back its all I got

I have an excuse my meds are at work so I am not

Turkey burns France churns who cares say my friends in chaotic traffic lanes

Your intellectual pretensions have driven you to a life of defiant despair riding trains

As you read your Bible for desperate solace from the noise reaching your sensitive ears

You wonder what is God’s plan if at all below your tears

Or Maybe God was just wasting time making you and maybe He had no plan

And maybe you are just wasting time writing poetry and maybe You have no more elan

Or maybe all they needed was a quieter monkey in the zoo

While you wanted to climb skyscrapers and catch planes in the loo

In your bipolar mind you are sometimes a spy and sometimes you are with hackers

Sometimes you are a journalist and sometimes you love Irish crackers

Sometimes you dance the tango besides the Hudson with blind daredevil lust

Sometimes you are the pigeon but mostly you are the rust

Maybe I am wasting time writing this rhyme

When I should be solving the crime

Maybe I am not so blind inside

Maybe you will call me when you find what you have been trying to find



Author: Ajay Ohri

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