Honey, I am dying under the table here

I am dying where I am now sitting

I guess we are not that beautiful

Anymore we are not so young fretting

In this world of waiting and hesitation

In these hours of silent despair

I eat my chips with fish and sauce

But now I have a thousand yard stare

I was sure I was going to be someone

I was sure I was on my way there

I just didn’t know where my parachute would land

I was kept on the air unaware

I now hear these voice whispering

Fragments of sonnets in the ethereal air

I swear they want to see me butt naked

I swear I am halfway bare

Honey I am just trying to stay awake

Today is not a good day to die

Though it may be a good enough evening

To pretend to break down and cry

We are done pretending

The watcher and the watched in this game

We may end up drinking a beer or two

Realise all along we were just the same



Author: Ajay Ohri

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