For want

for want of money we had want of choices in somethings anything

for want of choices we could do nothing but indulge in waiting

for waiting when we could have acted we had to watch the world burning

the world burning is a free show that didn’t cost us anything

for prostitutes need money to buy powders  wigs and scents

for politicians need money to buy ads and rents

for professors need money to buy chalk and ink

we are in the water whether we choose to float or sink

you may nary a ponder on the events gone by this year last

for you may doubt double think and ask

proof of evidence of bodies beneath the sand

what lies beneath your solitude your fortitude of command

I have been down below I will be up again

I think I am sick now I think I am in pain

But I am writing poetry and I am well rested and fed

We count ourself lucky if we sleep in a home with a bed

Screenshot from 2016-07-21 06-28-08

Author: Ajay Ohri

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