I was a mad poet  in my hedonism enthralling

Satisfied in   Holy Cow Village with no fear

When a voice came calling and fate came knocking

Would you like to work  in America my dear

Sure, I said, little suspecting

What lie ahead and the intensity

An adventure naked bare

Confronting inside doubt and outside fear

By train, by bus and plane

Of a poet and his brain

With a few more dollars and scheming friends and rivals

and  a fate like Job Part One in the Bibles

when everyone thought Hamlet was crazy and gone

He was just buying time to buy a phone

When Hamlet made the call and boy do we know

When Hamlet rides he is like Santa Clause without the snow

In New Orleans we heard some Jazz

In Ole Las Vegas we saw pizzaz

While New York was pretty but boy it was not cheap

While the homeless shivered and Batman chose to sleep

Chicago cops exhausted  are missed but its not the same

Community organizers gone abroad greedy for fame

Washington named after a general gone Rouge

Ready for a Lincoln in museum performance above

Spinning my magnum opus how

Dancing with everyone with a bow

I was spinning a story tale

Invited to party in their cutest vale

I chose to come back and rest my lime

Give my son and countrymen facetime

Playing too long had damaged my brain’s violin

Now I repair and rest while America you party and sin

America taught me with my face full of pellets

Stop worshiping your body, and your wallets

Worship in a place worth worship or forget all this worship

Go rather big or rather go home on a ship


Author: Ajay Ohri

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