Dogs of All Countries

This is a poem for dogs

who irrespective to country or religion or ethnic origin

are loyal to their master

even when          the master is        not full of love

We dogs battle legions of fleas outside

legions     of    demons    inside

No Jesus Christ and No Lithium for dogs

Who knows                  what              surprises                would accumulate

if you allowed dogs to write poetry

Someday          white masters         would turn

From white    men    to brown dust

Someday brown    masters    would turn

From brown                   men                 to black ashes

dust to dust                                          ashes to ashes

dog to dog

where do              dogs go when          they die

Buddhist dogs                                 are reincarnated

Hindu dogs                                 have karma

Christian dogs choose                       between           St Peter and Satan


Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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