Blind Date

I met Lotus on an internet dating website. Of course her name was not Lotus, I dont want to reveal it here. She was a blind teacher working in New York City. After a few exchanges spaced out after a few days each we agreed to meet.

Dating New York style is very different from Indian style dating. People are very busy so are texting multiple people at the same time. They are also making sure they don’t attract the wrong type of people. To my chagrin I found, you have to reply to American woman after waiting the exact amount of time has gone by. Reply too soon and defensive mechanisms kick in. Reply too late and they have lost interest. New York can be lonely.

Since I was pretty broke, I found one of the free summer concerts on Pier 40 for Lotus and I to attend. We attracted stares but it was okay since Lotus could not see, and I was too busy holding her and listening to the reggae.

After the concert on the pier we went to a place to eat in the East Village. I bought her some flowers. Though she liked to taste high dining I made sure we ate at an Irish Pub. Conversation was sparkling. She taught me how to taste wine. Dont chug it down she said. I wont, I promised.

Both Lotus and I were Punjabi. When she went blind as a kid, her Punjabi community shunned her family saying it was bad karma that led to blindness. As for me, I did not bother with Karma this summer. Jesus has my soul now, and I am a simple man with a simple God.

After the dinner I found her a cab. We agreed to meet next Tuesday. But I did not. My bipolar mood swing kicked in.

There is something to be said for my core morality if I have refrained from getting into a no strings attached relationship with a blind woman only because she was disabled. But we were both disabled. She could not see and everyone can see her disability. I am bipolar and no one can see that.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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