The same kettle that softens the potato, hardens the egg.  I used to have a Irish American friend whom I joke about potatoes. Most Irish people came to America because of the potato famine. JFK ‘s ancestors were one of them. My fascination with the Irish continued with movies.

But I am an Indian egg and my declining hair makes me look more egg like now that in my twenties. With all the self pity my bipolarity has now been reduced to occasional hilarity. It is okay to be disabled.

The monsoons are good to India. Thank god to El Nino. Next week is Indian Independence Day which is one day after Pakistani Independence Day. Pakistan- country where they found Bin Laden, was carved from India by British to accommodate Muslims who did not want to stay. Today 160 million Muslims  stay in India.

The ruthless relentless ambition of politicians causes the masses to suffer. Only can only pray that politicians pray more and talk less. I love sufi music and biryani. Both are Muslim.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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