Not Living

An unexamined life is not worth living

A life of compromises between the lies and sighs

A life of delusions and illusions

A life of balancing how to fool the world and be fooled by it

A life of adventure is a life worth living

A life of discovery and exploration

A life of examining God’s work in Nature

A life of pushing yourself to the fullest and then some more

Ashes to ashes dust to dust

Birth to Death and life comes in between

what we do and what we choose

how we live is the now and how we die is to be seen


The Indian Divorce C

In many countries, one constant social problem is the rising number of divorces. The people who chose to get a divorce are generally called divorced in the West. In India, we are not called divorced or even single but divorcees.

This is to emphasize the non virginal second hard car status of divorced people in India. Since monogamy is now the fashion of Indian society   divorcees pose a threat implictly. (Note Indians /Hindus became monogamous only in 1950s)

To discourage unhappily married Indians from becoming swinging divorcees the honorable courts of India frown on contested divorces. In fact the only way you can get a divorce in less than a year is by mutual consent AND agreement on finances (called settlement).

In terms of custody battles, the divorcees have an uneven ground. Men being men are not given custody unless they can prove or bribe their ex wife to do so. Mutual custody is rare not a default.

What do the divorcees do? They go on OKCupid, Tinder, Truly Madly or such dating apps since from a social point of view non divorcees will rarely date divorced people. The tag or stigma stays. People are proud of being never married even at 35 even after 5 failed relationships, but the divorcee with one failed legal relationship has to endure unsolicited advice and questions.

This is how Indians talk to divorcees-

Are you single? No I am divorced

I am sorry  (Why I think)


Questions follow

  1. So why did you get divorced
  2. Do you have a kid
  3. Was it tough

The divorcee has to answer these multiple times with truth before they wake up to Indian realities and give a curt and stable answer.

Why did you get divorced?  – Because I was unhappy fighting everyday

Do you have a kid? – Yes and he is 9 and I love him still and meet him

Was it tough ? – What do you think, buster



One day at the price of mud

Your bones will be sold

Of what remains of you in the world

Will be the stories that you told

The ones you were kind with

Will remember you with warmth and grace

The ones you were cruel to

Would be happy to see your name erased

The books that you wrote

Stored somewhere in the archive

Till it meets a lonely scholar

And you come back to life



Consumed by memories

I am consumed by my memories

I am consumed by the past

You bait with the future

You are hoping I will last

As I wash down the lithium with icy lemonade

I look back at all the trouble I have made

I am sorry but I have no one left to apologize to

I carried an umbrella but you gave me a parade

Love conquers hate and hope redeems hurt

Pain goes temporary while healing is inevitable in the end

I am betting my thirty coins on red in the spinning wheel as it goes

Before my mind folds and my greed bends