Dinner with Friends

Dinner with friends is such a relief

from the constant rushing and daily grief

I would rather sit with a friend and chat

But my daily duty forces me to wear my dusty hat

I could laugh and I could converse

Discuss poetry, prose and verse

In official matters we have no friend

In meetings with clients we daily bend

No matter our daily schedules and work

Friendship is a virtue we should not shirk

Dinner with friends is such a grace

It helps us slow down our pace

Bored Poets

Comes the day I admit I am bored beyond belief

I have tried eating andĀ  I have tried sleep

I have tried climbing up the stairs up and down

I have tried imagining myself as part hero part clown

I have tried numbing myself with caffeine and tea

I have tried to amuse myself with mirthful memory

I have tried writing poetry and nothing came out

I used to be talented now all I do is doubt

I have listened to music supplied straight to my head

Barely half the day has passed but I long for my bed

Napping in the afternoon with juice to sip

But I must stay awake at my watch lest I slip

Boredom comes in and boredom goes around

Shadows point to the existence of light profound

While we slowly watch the clock tick tockĀ  on and on

Hours turn to days to months to years forever gone