I met a girl on the internet

I met a girl on the internet

After much flirting we met

In restaurants over food and beer

Very soon we were calling each other dear

We met again over movies and food

Everything was going smooth and good

I met her friends they liked me too

I guess I had a good chance , dont you

Till I went to a town far away

I remembered her still while walking on the way

I chose to propose on the mobile

She answered me after a while

If you love me write me a song

Then we will see who is right and wrong

So I wrote this verse and hoped it was good

I am trying to be polite and not to be rude

As we grow older we need someone to be

Better it is one whom we can talk and agree

For life is an adventure and love is sweet

Lets see if this song she still wants to meet

Poetry in my code

Is it the CIA or is it the KGB

that is remotely bugging the hell out of me

Putting virtual gremlins in my code too hard to see

Has it occurred to you how profitable it could be

While I listen to the music in my earphones in my head

My fingers tap tap the music unsaid

As I try to combine code and poetry

Bugs in my code breaking my mental levee

Coders are poets and poets can write in code

All running and skipping down the yellow brick road

Leaving and loving what we left behind

In the eternal sunshine of our dotted mind

There is an elegance to logic and to words

The best songs were sung by chirping birds

The best code was written by giants gone by

We may be pygmies but atleast we try