Hacked elections

Pass the chain mate

All around the block

Let us share the ledger

All around the clock

Let us be anonymous

In our permissionless tasks

Free from all hypocrisy

Free from all such asks

Love is all around us

Network shared or not

You may not be satisfied

With all the love we got

Still we are looking forwards

Still we feel your pain

With your hacked elections

Looming all over again


You have a desire to live and be loved

You have a need to love and believe

You collect pennies to be rich

You collect moments to remember life with

Thanks for all the memories

Sorry for all the pain

Hit rewind to remember

Hit forward to redo again

Sin is fun and addictive

But it won’t leave a happy you

Love can be all permissive

But it will have its high and low

Those you love will leave you for a dog

That you trust will punch you like a log

Strangers you meet will give solace to your surpise

Life will be a mystery from birth to closing time

What is important now

Will be meaningless in time

I hope you enjoyed the moment

As much as I enjoyed the rhyme



Sin used to be fun till the devil asked for tax

Love used to nice but we were addicted to the sex

I used to be young with my hair in the breeze

Now I pop pills to keep my mind standing at ease

My son used to love me more than anything he could get

Now I compete for his attention with television and internet

My mom used to care what I ate in the day

But I was too busy and I pushed them both away

I used to sit in Starbucks writing poetry to while my cares

Now I sit in a corner office with the window my stares

The cliche went time gets us all

Life hurts we regret sins and the fall

I used to be shy and a calm introvert

Till they taught me be shameless or you eat the dirt

Well Regret is more than remorse

And Remorse is more than fear

When you looked back at the mirror

You find no one left who cared


For a Tuesday

Sitting besides the piano time after time

I watch my head spinning of all the beauty fine

I saw a baby in the morning and a dying man in the noon

But it was besides the piano you made me laugh till June


I was pretending to be a tough man inside I am just a child

I have my painkillers my water and my music wild

I use the word I sometimes a lot

I was educated to be British till the end but I guess I forgot

And I will never return if my fate is still unknown today

But I guess you know it IN your heart to play

It is nice to be surrounded by intelligence but I am glad we both have class

These knees are getting too old for jumping through molten glass

Pokemon and Batman and Clark Kent went into a bar

They sang out their hearts but a note was ajar

So we switched from Guitar to the Piano Man

And for a Tuesday I was happy as I can



Some days I just wake up angry

Some days I just wake up angry in the morning

Injustice in the street and darkness in the city

Nothing we can do but clench our fists in vain

Take our daily drugs, television, music, toys

And keep going on with our daily life

While people sell guns to kids to hurt other kids

While people sell drugs to kids to hurt them

While we keep pretending we don’t have a conscience

As long as it doesnt hurt our loved ones

Who cares a fig for let the people eat cake

while we feast and celebrate

and sleep satisfied