Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday Son

Dad got you Thor and the Avengers some

Mom got to keep you but that is old news

We both ate Pizza and liked it again

Lemonade was made for dads and sons

Who dont live together to perchance feel some

Sort of bonding empathy and enjoyment

I leave you now with cone shaped hats and your little friends

Once again

Happy Birthday Son

God was nice to me today

God was nice to me today

But I acted like a spoilt child

I fretted and pouted on what could be

HE wanted me calm but I chose wild

God was kind to me today

HE gave me gifts which I scarcely deserve

HE was a patient parent to me everyday

While I am erratic when I serve

God was good to me today

HE acted like only God could

While I pondered needlessly

on what I want and what I should

God was my go to relief today

HE chose to cushion my blows

While I navigated like a sailor

Between my highs and my lows

God was great again today

Am I repeating too much here

It is late but I chose to write

My thank you note for the night


Watch the rhythm of the beats in your headphones

Match steps with the rain pouring out your window

With the music in your heart and the jump in your feet

When you want to leave the mundane day and leap and soar

When cluster headaches have come and gone

When the dusk is over but still far is the dawn

When you reach half your life wishing to be reborn

Too tired to be a knight you want to be a pawn

When you marvel at sunsets and days gone by

When memories hit you between the eyes

When despite your experiences you still feel surprise

When you start disliking the truth for more pretty lies

The Rhythm is strong and it will get you Anne

Theres not a thing you can do about it if you can

We wished  we walked away but instead we ran

It is better to ditch your dignity and just be alive man