Inga Pinga poe

Inga Pinga Poe

Pockets full of snow

Catchers in the rhye

Joker’s asking why

Hatters mad at party of tea

Cheshire cats smiling thee

Live and love heaven above

Lennon dead but Yoko’s ahead 

No rhyme or reason so

Higher ground lesser know

Likes are fake but that’s ok tonight

Fights aren’t fair but that’s all right

Inga Pinga Poe

It’s ok to sleep you know


Maybe I am bipolar

Maybe that is a fashionable excuse

Maybe I am just depressed

Today maybe that is good news

Maybe you are out of explanations

As you try to decipher my brain

Maybe you lack the intelligence

But maybe just maybe I am insane


I gave you enough hints

Maybe I gave enough clues

Try to catch me if you can maybe

Maybe you have to loose


Maybe I am a hacker

maybe  I am a spy

Maybe I am a writer

maybe I forgot why


Maybe I was a hacker

Playing interception with platinum does

Maybe  I forgot about karna

Maybe God alone knows


Maybe I am the beacon

Maybe I am the light house

Maybe I forgot to dance

But I can longer keep the grouse


Maybe the poem went a bit long

Maybe the hacking went  short too

Maybe the may be’s could no longer explain

The lack of trust between me and you


Nobody to call

Nothing to say

Nowhere to go

No way to walk away


Know that I did

Everything in my power to see

Know that it was impossible

Just to let things be


Son maybe I am a alone today

But I made sure you were taken care of

And when in the future we meet man o man

You might just find beneath my no all my very love


You dive into the nearest Starbucks

Hoping for succour

Hoping to ruminate

Gather hopes some more


You dived into your bed

For fourteen hours straight dead

Dealing with storage dreams

And rhymes that go ahead


You dive into a restaurant

Hoping for food and relief

You get a crowd fighting 

For a table and chair in disbelief


Finally you dived into a pub

Some succour with some beer

You feeling like screaming

Look around nobody is there


For you dived and ducked too often

Whatever life threw at you

You fled rather than fought

Any challenge you knew