today we feast like kings tonight we dine like lions

for fortune has favored the braves winning with defiance

for those who stood calm won the day

those who rushed were swept away

for those who loved and spoke got love in return

for those who hesitated lost their chance in the churn

for those who wrote rhythm got ahs in return

for those who were barren got nothing but burn

for those who were lazy and evil to fault

had to live the shame of being caught

for those who prayed for the Lord’s acclaim

were pardoned for any and all blame

memory is erased

when I was young I wanted to love and be loved

Now I am not so young and all I need is a friend

To share a beer and swap some war stories

and maybe if the sunset is nice hold hands for a while

when I was young I was pretty I could stop the clock

when I was young of my hair and my body

now I have nothing to be proud of but my anecdotes

my stories of places where I went and where I have been

when I was young I though hard on what to do what to be

I pondered so hard I forgot to see

time is a puzzle life was the race

when we grow up memory is erased

Without a Clue

I was writing a poem but I lost the flow

In the quest for greatness reality lets you know

You are no great poet you are no long lost bard

In the quest for genius you tend to look like a retard

I took my pills and washed them water pure

Ethanol denial is what I must now endure

There I gallivanted and lost the thread again

Rain rhymes with pain but so does the drain

Mocking or flattering poets if that is you must do

I keep typing without a clue

Songwriters keep  the gold poets get the girls

While unwitting tying themselves in unfathomable twirls




I am thinking but

my mind is blank

I used to run like a cheetah

now I crawl like a tank

I used to be high

with dreams desires and notions

Now I seek peace and quiet

Away from commotions

Did I suddenly grow old

Did my bones feel the cold

Winter comes to my household

Will we survive or will we fold

I have dodged and swerved

I have bit bullets and navigated many a curve

As I polish my steel Valerian

I leave behind women whom I love

My pain is masked in my headphones

My glasses hide that I am Superman

There were little obstacles I could dodge when younger

When they asked for volunteers I used to say I can

Now I am cynical and in my middle age

My bank balance has quelled my rage

They tell me I will recover this is just a phase

I don’t care any more for he spotless memories I need to erase

What is reality and what is a farce

What were dilemmas and what was confusion

What was necessity and what is greed

What is stubbornness and what is my creed

Bored Poets

Comes the day I admit I am bored beyond belief

I have tried eating and  I have tried sleep

I have tried climbing up the stairs up and down

I have tried imagining myself as part hero part clown

I have tried numbing myself with caffeine and tea

I have tried to amuse myself with mirthful memory

I have tried writing poetry and nothing came out

I used to be talented now all I do is doubt

I have listened to music supplied straight to my head

Barely half the day has passed but I long for my bed

Napping in the afternoon with juice to sip

But I must stay awake at my watch lest I slip

Boredom comes in and boredom goes around

Shadows point to the existence of light profound

While we slowly watch the clock tick tock  on and on

Hours turn to days to months to years forever gone