the bagpipes

The dreams are gone replaced by biting reality

Kiss my ring my friend and pledge your fealty

Inspire me once again to get out of this slum

Hoist the flags, blow the bagpipes and roll the drum

Lets attack while they are still sleeping and have our fun

Lets retreat then, lull them into a trap when they come to run

The mind is the weapon and the weapons are the mind

Ignore the living but never a dead comrade behind

Lets hack the internet lets hack whatever we can find

Today weakness is the same as to be kind

Ones and zeroes are the only honest things we know

Somedays we soar fast somedays we glide slow

Digital Friends

I was listening to a song on the radio

When I remembered a friend from before

She and I used to hang out and talk fun

In the time we got from our work life busy

My friend always encouraged me to do well mightily

she thought of meĀ  a genius hidden highly

She said work hard and dont give up too soon

Aim high fly nigh and touch the moon

Yeah we can be heroes for just one more night

Or we can run and hide in fear and fright

Or we can soar on wings of fancy taking flight

Shining in the day hiding in plain sight

My friend things got complicated here before

We are restless samurai ronin till the shore

Waiting in dark kneeling in all our digital might

Hoping for a friend without selfish light

Friends and foes and days and nights

Bill of Arms and Bills of Rights

Come show me the body and where they lie

Come be my friend once more before I die

Image of female touching virtual icon of social network