So I decided

All my heroes died and went to heaven

So I decided to grow up and make my own eleven

Team of cricket or team of heist players going on

While I figure out to make a bad poem to a hit song

Sure poverty was fun and anonymity had many thrills

But I would like to spend the winter coming without chills

White walkers with blue eyes are coming for me and you

George and Michael and Prince and Chester are dead too

Wipe the drives and clean the logs

climb the trees and wait for the dogs

lose your phones and wipe them clean

inspect the traffic and wait for green


when the day’s work is done and  when the night’s invite has come

when you no longer can resist the temptation to foray

when you delve inside your mind and introspect the disarray

when the ghosts of the past meet the elves of the future

when the disappointments and the sorrow of yesterday

meet  the reality and the hopeful chance of today

for who knows what the future will bring

but worrying and querying have never brought peace until

you get what you want and not just what you need

this is the evening of your life and this is the evening of your creed

you balance the positive emotions with negativity of habit

and you still leave everything to take a chance and follow the white rabbit



Stoically I watch as you go playing your game

Stoically in silence as you chase the fame

Stoically forever as you  burnish your name

Stoic I may seem but brother the shit is getting lame

Stoically we try and understand and analyze

Stoically we justify we contemplate we rationalize

Stoically we command and stoically we divide

Stoically we think we are robots with God on our side

Stoic you are as you command your drones

Stoic I am as I change my tones

Stoic we are in a relationship bound by fate

We need not have been stoic but now it is too late


Not Living

An unexamined life is not worth living

A life of compromises between the lies and sighs

A life of delusions and illusions

A life of balancing how to fool the world and be fooled by it

A life of adventure is a life worth living

A life of discovery and exploration

A life of examining God’s work in Nature

A life of pushing yourself to the fullest and then some more

Ashes to ashes dust to dust

Birth to Death and life comes in between

what we do and what we choose

how we live is the now and how we die is to be seen



this is a ballad of total war

total war must be prevented

by sex drugs and movies

total war is too totalitarian for us

limited war is utilitarian for us

if art initiates life

and life can be manipulated by lies

and ads and weapons are the only two things to sell

and medicines and happiness the only two things to fake

how do we make sure that the profiles we match overcome boastful bias and snug smugness