I went to the cafe and not to a bar

Listened to wonderful jazz with nary a note ajar

Even though I am fatter and uglier than before

I can dance better than everyone and some more

I can spy on smiles and sighs again

I can miss my friends in vain

We should be together here drinking beer

Instead I am drinking coffee with noone near

This is the life and this is our way

This is the music we love on which we like to sway

This is time and this is the moment of love

This is the gift we chose from all the gifts above


You have a desire to live and be loved

You have a need to love and believe

You collect pennies to be rich

You collect moments to remember life with

Thanks for all the memories

Sorry for all the pain

Hit rewind to remember

Hit forward to redo again

Sin is fun and addictive

But it won’t leave a happy you

Love can be all permissive

But it will have its high and low

Those you love will leave you for a dog

That you trust will punch you like a log

Strangers you meet will give solace to your surpise

Life will be a mystery from birth to closing time

What is important now

Will be meaningless in time

I hope you enjoyed the moment

As much as I enjoyed the rhyme



Sin used to be fun till the devil asked for tax

Love used to nice but we were addicted to the sex

I used to be young with my hair in the breeze

Now I pop pills to keep my mind standing at ease

My son used to love me more than anything he could get

Now I compete for his attention with television and internet

My mom used to care what I ate in the day

But I was too busy and I pushed them both away

I used to sit in Starbucks writing poetry to while my cares

Now I sit in a corner office with the window my stares

The cliche went time gets us all

Life hurts we regret sins and the fall

I used to be shy and a calm introvert

Till they taught me be shameless or you eat the dirt

Well Regret is more than remorse

And Remorse is more than fear

When you looked back at the mirror

You find no one left who cared


A prayer of thanks

My friends still remember my birthday

My mom made me a swell breakfast

Dad made me omelette for evening scotch

I talked to my distant son and he

plays football while supporting Messi

All at the age of ten

My work is going smooth

My students still respect me

Life is kind for a change

And I thank Jesus for making me

a better man

a better friend

a better son and a better dad

a better friend and hopefully a better lover

This is a prayer of thanks

Do you have something to thank

your god any god my god

for blessings today

Just pray