A prayer of thanks

My friends still remember my birthday

My mom made me a swell breakfast

Dad made me omelette for evening scotch

I talked to my distant son and he

plays football while supporting Messi

All at the age of ten

My work is going smooth

My students still respect me

Life is kind for a change

And I thank Jesus for making me

a better man

a better friend

a better son and a better dad

a better friend and hopefully a better lover

This is a prayer of thanks

Do you have something to thank

your god any god my god

for blessings today

Just pray



I am fighting yesterday’s battles

In today’s light

I am chasing yesterday’s glory

In today’s night

I was young and good looking

I didn’t know no fright

Now I am old now I am cold

I don’t know wrong from right

As long as it gets me a meal warm

I dont care about who wins the fight

I dont care I refuse to care

Who uses tact who uses might

As long it gets me a pillow

As long as my burdens go light


sometimes people hurt you

sometimes people hurt you

even though they didnt mean to

then they say they are sorry

by that time its too late

sometimes you sit in the corner

nothing you want to do wanna

in a bit of a shock of what life brought

ignoring the daily things some more

then we bounce and we recover

from misfortune we let luck discover

the bright side of life the right side of bright

all our hopes and fears all joys and  fright

The Journeyman

I am running again in a treadmill life

Seeking answers, money, and a pretty wife

I have been here before and I have had a glance

At the looming disaster they call chance

I work best when I am slightly morose

When my fingers type my head comatose

When all there is to the end of the day

What else darling did we accomplish today

Yes Yes we can go ahead and shout

Or we can remain at home and pout

For what is life for a journeyman

A series of check boxes ticked as well as he can

and if in the race to accomplish another task

the journeyman forgot his lover to ask

darling will you go dancing with me tonight

how soon time passes is positively a fright

The journeyman sets down his tools again

His head spinning from chronic melancholic pain

Takes out his torch and sees the light

Work is wonderful but romance is more bright

A journeyman is a skilled worker who has successfully completed an official apprenticeship qualification in a building trade or craft. They are considered competent and authorized to work in that field as a fully qualified employee.

Love song for a dog

Now the dog is excited but the she is exhausted

He is going wild while she is saying be mild

Poor girl needs her rest while dog is trying to do his best

This is the love song for a dog and it is small not long

All men are like dogs but all dogs are not like men

All roosters are like cocks but all females are not hen

Some puppies are soft and mannered right

Some puppies are easy to take fright

This is the love song for a dog

A dog has emotions too

It is not funny and it is not wild

It is just another story hoping to be mild