Homeless in America

Homeless in  America sit tight travel light

For you are the people who have neither votes nor money

No one to stand for Just soup kitchens to volunteer in

Get a free pizza and soda if the weather is lean

Get behind all the millionaires with all the airs

Lie down carefully in a shelter with all your wares

People worldwide selling their soul to get inside

While you inside know no escape when you are homeless in America

love is stronger hate is wronger

love is stronger just like hate is wronger

it is easy and it is weak to  hate

it is tough to show up at the altar

it is fashionable to pretend to be late

it is within me and it is within  you

to pursue hate or turn towards love too

yes we risk heartbreak and we risk agonized

when we fall in love and we let ourself be loved

when angels wait outside as demons inside are purged

when time stands still when rain has your hut submerged

when it seems all is lost in the dark it is love that will save

for we are humans built by gods to live free not a slave

be afraid and be alone be hateful and be gone

be brave and fall in love be strange and be above

to the daily mundane work and the daily practicalities

embrace love and being loved as an essential sentimentality

I miss dancing

I miss dancing I miss moving my arms high

I miss dancing I miss moving the floor nigh

I miss it because it seemed so real to  feel

Dancing was the only pure thing to deal

I miss dancing like a young man

I miss the miles I walked, the miles I ran

I miss laughing like a young child

I miss those young years I roamed wild

Dancing while the music rocked loud

Moving with the rhythm of the sound

I could do no wrong I was the golden child

I was the man who could make them kneel if for a while

I guess there is still some dance left in me

I guess there is still some more dance energy

I am going to dance again and dance so soon

I am looking at the sky trying to dance on the blood moon

Fail to Understand

There is a girl across the land

whom I fail to understand

A steady supply of emotions in each hand

while I cope with her demand

She keeps tossing out these metaphors

I am talking windows while she is counting doors

I am extracting roots while she trims each branch

She is sipping the tequila while I am holding the ranch

I am spouting random rhymes and writing random codes

I am hitting the social network with random nodes

I am whistling my tunes before my head stops and  explodes

I am polishing my shoes before I hit the roads

I am chomping packets and bytes on borrowed times

I am counting my blessing listing my crimes

I am writing super silly rhymes for zero dimes

I am making the tequila on exotic limes