I am thinking but

my mind is blank

I used to run like a cheetah

now I crawl like a tank

I used to be high

with dreams desires and notions

Now I seek peace and quiet

Away from commotions

Did I suddenly grow old

Did my bones feel the cold

Winter comes to my household

Will we survive or will we fold

I have dodged and swerved

I have bit bullets and navigated many a curve

As I polish my steel Valerian

I leave behind women whom I love

My pain is masked in my headphones

My glasses hide that I am Superman

There were little obstacles I could dodge when younger

When they asked for volunteers I used to say I can

Now I am cynical and in my middle age

My bank balance has quelled my rage

They tell me I will recover this is just a phase

I don’t care any more for he spotless memories I need to erase

What is reality and what is a farce

What were dilemmas and what was confusion

What was necessity and what is greed

What is stubbornness and what is my creed

Map Reduce

My queries are stuck in the wax of a bee hive

No matter the file system I still long to be alive

Unfortunately the cluster seems slow to go

I would like when the task is over you know

In a motley adventure of geekdom and business kingdom

I long to buy a guitar and its strings gently strum

Machine learning proved I have learnt nothing so far

Deep learning proved shallow and left a scar

Python batteries to climb the back of elephants

Algorithms that prove humans are still relevant

Dirty Dancing with Dirty Data again

Map Reduce my agony Divide and Conquer my pain

Highs and Lows of BiPolar Brains


Love gets me high

Alone I get too low

Coffee makes me run faster

Beer makes me go slow


Swimming makes me calmer

Running gets me up and about

Coding makes my pulse race

The aftermath of loneliness is doubt


Music is like a gift from God

Too much work and I get high again

Blowing up smallĀ  stuff to argue more

Till I sleep to calm the brain

bad day

I am writing this on borrowed time

on borrowed money which is a borrowed crime

I am trying to make a song out of wrong

I am trying to go short on something long

poetry and code and hacking and fun

ladies and gentlemen forgive the pun

anonymous cats and gullible rats

virginal sororities and busted frats

green palm trees besides grey warm shores

shut and barred windows but revolving doors

in my boredom and my intellectual prude

I pretend to be as wise as a middle aged dude

it was a mad word playing tunes and surreal dreams

running mission impossibles and les miserable themes

but I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad

the games in which I am winning I am really really bad