Who is your Shepherd

Who is your Shepherd your guiding light

Is it your ambition is it your ego

Is it you drive to leave notches in the sands of the world

Is it your fantasies of what your destiny



is it God

is it Positive and kind forces

hoping you will someday grow up

you will someday come around

and drink tea

just like a gentleman you were meant to be

I miss you son

I miss being your dad Kush but most of all

When I see kids playing along

Destiny and divorce lawyers too away our playing time

Perhaps you will read this in 2029

regardless of what else the internet tells you about me

know this son

you were both loved and missed

and maybe you can forgive your father

because he could not be your dadimg_20161001_122913

Sitting in June

As I sit in my chair sipping my twelve year scotch

munching on chicken wings my father cooked and bought

I reminisce and I think of times gone by

of victories and injuries and wins and tries

life passes slowly in the present no doubt again

while memories seem as if they speeded by as a train

self pity and sadness are useless emotions in the bag

we all sing Hello Lucy and hum to the rag

is there more or is that it to life

the conflict the reconciliation and the strife

I think I think I think too much too soon

Why worry about winter when you are sitting in June