A prayer of thanks

My friends still remember my birthday

My mom made me a swell breakfast

Dad made me omelette for evening scotch

I talked to my distant son and he

plays football while supporting Messi

All at the age of ten

My work is going smooth

My students still respect me

Life is kind for a change

And I thank Jesus for making me

a better man

a better friend

a better son and a better dad

a better friend and hopefully a better lover

This is a prayer of thanks

Do you have something to thank

your god any god my god

for blessings today

Just pray


Happy Fathers Day, Dad

On Father’s day, let me write a tribute for my father Anil Ohri

1) He studied in inexpensive govt schools but made sure my brother and I studied in schools like bluebells, greenfields, colleges like DCE, SS College of Business, IIM Lucknow. He never complained even when he had to borrow money when we were young to pay quarterly fees.

2) He always made sure we set our goals to be ambitious. In particular he  guided me in NDA, Hindu, DTU, U Tenn, IIM L. When I had ups and downs in life including divorce, he was there for me. He literally was my divorce lawyer and made sure I got adequate visiting rights.

3) For my health he was always proactive to get the best specialists even more than I was. He changed our daily food just for my dietary needs.

4) We never had to worry about anything as kids, even though he himself was off investigating terrorists, criminals for the country as a CBI officer

5) He is not only a great dad but a very great grandfather, ensuring our future is safe. #fathersday


I am fighting yesterday’s battles

In today’s light

I am chasing yesterday’s glory

In today’s night

I was young and good looking

I didn’t know no fright

Now I am old now I am cold

I don’t know wrong from right

As long as it gets me a meal warm

I dont care about who wins the fight

I dont care I refuse to care

Who uses tact who uses might

As long it gets me a pillow

As long as my burdens go light