Honey Trap, Cougar Prowl

Money Lucre, Gourmet bowl

the Seven Sins and Ten Commandments brawl

Perpetual struggle , winner takes all

Red Team go, Blue Team on Standby

White goes on top, black falls back for a future try.

Attack, parry, Defend, stall.

Please enjoy this ongoing brawl.

Perpetual struggle, good versus bad

Sith vs Jedi, Happy versus Sad.

Push those buttons, men are like machines

When prompted and guided, old or teens.

The perfect storm or the prefect trap

Show goes on, curtain falls, all stand ,clap.

I need more data to make a decision

Paper money, extreme macro
Image by kevindooley via Flickr

I need more data

To take a decision

Keep your panties on

We need more precision

It is the owners money

That pays for your bills

You can go elsewhere

If you want primal egoistic thrills


People are precious

Money comes and goes

The Older you get

The lesser greed shows


Is this too much information

To overload your comprehension

Analysis led to paralysis

But time wont wait for your permission


We need better models

We need them now

The cost of delayed decisions

can hurt us and how


We will pay thousands

of dollars in annual fees

To earn or save millions of dollars

Now, If you please


Still here, but slightly offended

By coming straight to the truth

Every body swings and misses

From Barry Bonds to Babe Ruth


Data is all around you

and so is all the money

You keep ignoring decision management

and you will lose your shirt, honey.