Trouble is

dreams and desires and fears and fires

haunting us taunting us taking us lower and higher

making us work hard making us feel lazy

making the road ahead sometimes clear and often hazy

people we meet who hug as our friends

can we trust them all along till the end

or shall we be afraid by memories of the past

how long how often these shadows have come to last

stop now and dont think too much

life is a journey not a destination as such

for we are mortals as ants in the world

and lie ahead many stories waiting to be unfurled

we write and we read and we work and we share

we are sometimes afraid and sometimes we dare

to open up and reach out to the universe and its beauty

when inside we are weeping and ashamed at our failed duty

trouble is we are kids inside who refused to be wise

trouble is we love everything without a thought for lies

trouble is we will fall in love with ungrateful friends

trouble is we will be left alone writing poems in the end


Good Morning Gorgeous

Good night sleepy head. Love you lots
we are a great team. We have a great future
Great relationships need smooth communication
Everything is great. Glad we talked.

How hard is that to do. Honestly.
I think that’s a good idea
I will encourage you not nag.
I will discuss, not fight.

I will pull you closer, not push you away.
I will love you good times, and bad.
Please believe me.
I want you to be happy.

And to love yourself as I do
I am just scared I guess.
I was needing some reassurance
you told me to get some sleep.

So I will. Later Hun
We had an amazing day.
only thing that would make it better
waking up to your beautiful face

I’m missing you like crazy
I can’t wait for work to get over
I hope you smile when you read this
Good Morning, Gorgeous.

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ps- We Love You

the happy birthday report card

so needy and emotionally demanding
thinks physically commanding

so vulnerable and so insecure
of his genius yet so sure

says he is contented
but still wants more

is that what I saw today
when my mirror looked my way

and all it had to say
happy birthday brother happy birthday

years gone by and years to go on still
who knows whom we will fall in love until

we stop falling and get buried in the ground
happy birthday kid hush don’t make that sound



Two poems in a cafe

  I don’t do


I don’t do anonymous stuff

When I hack I hack clean and clear

What are laws but a set of codes

Which lawyers hack for the pleasure of rich old men


I don’t do little kids,pretty boys,weird deviations

When I do I do it like a gentleman

With varying proportions

Of gentleness and manliness


I don’t do routines, normal nine to fives

When I do such things I get bored

Not that I don’t care about the money

It is just the way the old man coded me in



Sitting today

Sitting today in a nice café

Sometimes I wish I had a friend

To share my lemonade and chai latte

But mostly I have been grateful for the quiet


No beautiful strangers are there to disturb my thoughts

No ugly specimens of my race to test my faith in humanity

It disturbs me sometimes

How I have begun to love my solitude


Alone, lonely and quietly writing these thoughts

No more drama no more noise no more fighting

That’s how we like to sit

Sit quietly in the corner of a café today





While you were away

While you were away, my son

I grew older like you

But not stronger like you

You grew more hair, and I grew less

I made more money

But I couldnt buy you more toys

I had less time

But I still remembered you anyway

I didnt visit you so much now

I didnt even call

I loved you so much

I let go of you

To be free

To grow up without a cloud

Someday when we meet

And you ask me why

I hope you read

These poems before

But not yet

Tis sweet the innocence of youth

Lets keep it that way

Shall we?