Poem-Why are we creative ?

root cause of creativity

is most often necessity

to improvise and move on ahead

often is a matter of butter and bread

sometimes its just an whimsical

impulse created out of sheer boredom

dissatisfaction with the prevailing status quo

may lead to bursts of creativity for me and you

Modern scientists say creativity is affected by the serotonin inĀ  your brain

I think it’s simpler – a desire to break out of your mundane daily pain

Ode to an Ipod

Day before yesterday,

My younger borther gifted me an Ipod

for my 31 st birthday.

And now I am in love,

life a gift from heaven above,

with the smooth ipod,

in her little black dress.


The sound is good, the design is cool,

31 years it took me to realize I am a fool.

Why i didnot buy the I pod before ,

Why didnot I visit the i-tunes store.

And my friend Billy Joel sings,

his heart out on silvery ipod wings,

I rotate the dial a bit,

The songs are old, but they are still an hit.

Now I am maybe old, and getting older still,

but the Ipod classic gives my heart a thrill .

Whats your excuse mister, why dont you buy it too,

Give life some meaning , with more music in you.