when the day’s work is done and  when the night’s invite has come

when you no longer can resist the temptation to foray

when you delve inside your mind and introspect the disarray

when the ghosts of the past meet the elves of the future

when the disappointments and the sorrow of yesterday

meet  the reality and the hopeful chance of today

for who knows what the future will bring

but worrying and querying have never brought peace until

you get what you want and not just what you need

this is the evening of your life and this is the evening of your creed

you balance the positive emotions with negativity of habit

and you still leave everything to take a chance and follow the white rabbit


the committee of prevention of total war

the committee of prevention of total war

has decided on consumption of a whisky jar

to banish you and put you on exile

examine your behavior closely if but for a while

you decided to protest formally but then kept mum

the committee can be powerful and you are now numb

instead you sat and grew a beard to write a tune

it is cold in December let us wait for June

the committee to prevent total war

was rattled last time you were drunk in  a bar

this time they decided to keep you safely occupied

a clerk was born when a poet had died

it took you a whiskey  a scotch aged 12 years old

to write this verse and the story to be told

heaven forbid what had happened dear

if your friends dropped by and bought you a beer





Stoically I watch as you go playing your game

Stoically in silence as you chase the fame

Stoically forever as you  burnish your name

Stoic I may seem but brother the shit is getting lame

Stoically we try and understand and analyze

Stoically we justify we contemplate we rationalize

Stoically we command and stoically we divide

Stoically we think we are robots with God on our side

Stoic you are as you command your drones

Stoic I am as I change my tones

Stoic we are in a relationship bound by fate

We need not have been stoic but now it is too late


The Purpose

What is the purpose of your life? Is it

  • to go to school,
  • then go to college,
  • get a car, get a job,
  • get married,
  • get a house,
  • have kids,
  • grow up kids,
  • retire and
  • die

What is the purpose of my life NOW at age 39? Is it

  • to write more books
  • read more topics
  • write more poetry
  • date more women
  • make more money
  • travel more
  • retire
  • and die

Rajiv Chowk

I walk past the mangled limbs of the beggar

I walk past the painted eyes of the women

I walk past the salesmen offering me a bargain

Only to find I have come across a circle

What is white and round and always full of people

Its a place called Connaught Place now Rajiv Chowk

There I amble and there I roam

like a cheetah in an urban jungle unfettered

Sometimes I pause to eat a paan or a chaat

Sometimes I pause to stare at windows of clothes

Sometimes I pause to see tourists turning pink

Then I walk away from this circle