Free to be free

I am free to be free

From want of nourishing shelter and From Fear of going insane

from Hunger in my soul and From Pain in my brain

Free from  misogny Free to dress as I please

Free to pray to anyone on my knees

From persecution of speaking my mind

Free for lies and ties that bind

Free to sleep Free to work Free to rest

Free to push myself honestly and be the best

Protected when I am free

Free to be thankful to thee




Dante Dont be Depressed

Dante Don’t be Depressed

If God and Satan have been playing jokes on you

The Divine Comedy is still within your soul

If the girl left you without giving you a chance

You can still be with her in your imagination

They can’t kill you Dante

Any more you can kill them with your poetic imagination

You can be exiled but they would regret it soon

Give us his body back they would ask

Too late the writer has departed



I have travelled across the mountains

Travelled many seas

There is no denying

The resilience of persistent me

You have watched me travel

You have watched me suffer and sob

But overall you have cheered the most

When I shone and stood out from the mob

You know you want me

I know I want you too

But there is no use denying

Negotiations and competitive streak too

I will fix your plumbing

I will cure your chairs

And when I am done vacuuming the carpet

I will be cleaning the stairs

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