All these years

Sixteen years since I left high school
Sixteen years to when I thought I was both hot and very cool
Sixteen years to when the world was open with possibilities
Sixteen years  to a contender could have been

Twelve years to since I left university school
Twelve years to when I had so much fun
Twelve years to being young and free
Twelve years pass oh so quickly

Eight years since I met my match
Eight years to my heart getting a patch
Eight years since we met that day
Eight years since who else could we have been otherway

Two years since we said goodbye
Two years since we exchanged  sighs and cried
Two more years and then we will be done
Heartbreak over lets restart the fun.


Honey Trap, Cougar Prowl

Money Lucre, Gourmet bowl

the Seven Sins and Ten Commandments brawl

Perpetual struggle , winner takes all

Red Team go, Blue Team on Standby

White goes on top, black falls back for a future try.

Attack, parry, Defend, stall.

Please enjoy this ongoing brawl.

Perpetual struggle, good versus bad

Sith vs Jedi, Happy versus Sad.

Push those buttons, men are like machines

When prompted and guided, old or teens.

The perfect storm or the prefect trap

Show goes on, curtain falls, all stand ,clap.