listening to the same songs

never did I know in a time far ago

my happiest times the songs I listened on the radio

times that went away too fast

too late I came to know youth wont last

here comes the poet writing the pain

here comes the monsoon racing the rain

here come the memories driving you insane

here comes the cure trying in vain

we will be singing even when we are broke and down

we will be dancing even when we are on shaken ground

we will be on the march even when we tired beyond

we will  be listening to the same songs this time around


today we feast like kings tonight we dine like lions

for fortune has favored the braves winning with defiance

for those who stood calm won the day

those who rushed were swept away

for those who loved and spoke got love in return

for those who hesitated lost their chance in the churn

for those who wrote rhythm got ahs in return

for those who were barren got nothing but burn

for those who were lazy and evil to fault

had to live the shame of being caught

for those who prayed for the Lord’s acclaim

were pardoned for any and all blame

memory is erased

when I was young I wanted to love and be loved

Now I am not so young and all I need is a friend

To share a beer and swap some war stories

and maybe if the sunset is nice hold hands for a while

when I was young I was pretty I could stop the clock

when I was young of my hair and my body

now I have nothing to be proud of but my anecdotes

my stories of places where I went and where I have been

when I was young I though hard on what to do what to be

I pondered so hard I forgot to see

time is a puzzle life was the race

when we grow up memory is erased

A proxy for a love song

this is a ballad a proxy for a love song

we promise it crisp not one that lingers long

we promise selfless love not lust that holds on

in life’s struggles true friendship will have won

so I am writing this song for you and me

so I am penning these words for us to be free

so I am hoping the message goes across the bay

cause there are some things I am to shy to say

so it is love or is it just a play

that we just stumbled on in this way

we dont know and we cant say

but we can sing the love song today

All my heroes are decaying or dead

There goes my childhood

Here come my tears

There go the dreams I had

Here come my fears

All my heroes are decaying or dead

Some drowned by sorrow a few shot in the head

I used to be a blue dog now I am a bull who sees red

It is getting harder to climb out of this bed

I dont even have the energy to smile for a while

I dont even have the food to swallow my bile

I dont even the energy to wake for reviled reveille

I get the pokes but I am too indifferent to their rile

I want to cry but the water supply is low

I dont want to see the storm from the bow anymore

So I go below deck to get the rum and port for more

Once again wash my warm poetry with liquor as before