money in the bank

monkey on the back

icy eyes

la-la-la-la lies

deep despair

 no go there

built to last

  built too fast

bill to lust

steady turtle first

beauty beyond

insanity around

no comprehend

 loony tunes portend

mask your fear

        the end is near

beat goes on and on

       time to sleep anon

enough for today

    be back another day

i shall return

     except what i shall keep

too crazy


    way too deep

Hacker Poem

Hacking Poem
Digital salmon swimming alone upstream
Sacrificing sleep for bits of some dream
Patiently stalking impatient trolls
Denying web crawlers omnipotent stroll

Digitally Dividing and conquering
Masquerading charlatans of new age ball
Sheep like server waits for hacking hammer to fall

Amazing nights but boring days
Lord forgive us our digital merry ways
Going back to the day job in the morn
Keeping up appearances to earn bread and daily corn

Masking emotions daily outrage
Waging lonesome wars of rage

we are small but proud
forced sometimes kneel and crawl
hacker cracker phisher phracker
wont you be my friend after it all

by –
Ajay Ohri