A Poem for a Joker

you dont know what it meant to live free
till you lived your life in this country

you dont know what caring and compassion is
all you cared was the pain you inflicted

you dont know about the 8 year old
who will never be 19 because of your pressure cooker

you dont know of your niece and will never know
what she will feel on growing up

you will never be a father and you dont know what it means
how your parents will weep in the night

when you burn in hell you wont know why it happened
until it starts happening because of the humans you killed


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Our memories

The people who hurt us are
The people who taught us
The people we hurt though
We scarcely remember

The people who played with
Our hopes, love and desires
Are the people we miss still
Besides burning fires

The people we played with
Broke their incompatible heart
We wont remember because
Our memory will conveniently fail

What goes around comes around
What goes up must fall down
Let it go is just as tough as let it be
Hindsight may be twenty twenty, but the future is much harder to see

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Men of Delhi

Men of Delhi

Men of Delhi

Men of Delhi

Men of Delhi
Gang Rape

Men of Delhi
Men will be Men

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I Am, I Can

I am drunk and I am sober
I can be gentle and I can clobber
My words are my weapons
of massed construction or
of messed contraction

I can be nice and I can be kind
I can be forgiving but some I cant leave behind
My methods are my madness
of gentle persuasion or
of genteel perversion

I can be so annoying and so awesome
I can be crazy and yet so wholesome
My ways are unfathomable to the normal mind
of eccentric feasibility or
of accentuated fuss ability

Same entertainment Sane information
Incredible facts Incorrigible opinions
I am what I think I can
What else were you looking for
Did you find?