Drop the bomb Truman

Truman finally beats Dewey

Convince them if you cannot convince them Truman

Fire the general but I like Ike Truman

Baby Adopted by Corporation Truman

A show called Truman

On the air unaware Truman

Good morning good night Truman

Paranoia whose watching me Truman

Damn it say something Trueman

you were on Television Truman

The Revolution is being streamed Trueman

Trueman hanging on to straws Blueman

Trueman thinking he can rebel without a cause because he knew man

Trueman typing before he loses mind Trueman

True and  False and Ones and Zeros Human

Decisions when

Decisions when

All around agendas

abound with ambition

Fading sunlight signals dusk

Tiredness signals fatigue

Satan is active and God is silent

Demons are noisy and angels sulk

Decisions when

we are lonely in our study

surrounded with our study

busts memories memoirs friends

Decisions when

terrible choices are reduced to math

and bad choices are reduced to language

So much to do and so many

Decisions when


when the voices in your head are driving you insane

when whatever you say meets puzzled looks inane

when efforts you make are drowned in monsoon rains

when struggles are prolonged but results are in vain

when you are accused of being in a logical plane

when everyone left before you could confess your pain

but we had some fun boys and we live in hope again

for it is enough for today and now we calm our brain

my back is aching

my back is aching

I am grumpy again

I did not do my yoga today

but I filled my taxes and they are in

I ate too much and plump me is back

starvation diets are never too fun to stick

my medication is barely working

I am working a temper for Lord know why

It is time I read the Bible

What beautiful words

What a nice message

A much better poet