Metaphorically I like

Metaphorically I like about you

Things and thoughts we share too

Smile that lights up the room

Happy messages that kill my gloom

You encourage me to write and do right

You encourage me to shine bright

You bring out  the best in me

You make me forget my past to presently see

How we can be both happy and enjoy life

How we can let go of past and strife

Of course I may also add I find you pretty to the eye

I neither flatter nor do I lie

These were the things I like about you

These are the facts to my heart are true

I hope we get to meet more often too

So we can celebrate and continue

Poets in a file

I have been writing lines of poetry and you have been wondering why

What is the state of my mind now and am I about to cry

I am in an unfamiliar location but the situation I have dealt before

I must battle these waves with my paddle boat before I find my shore

I thought I was a genius I thought I was ahead of time

I was born middle class in a poor country that alone was my crime

Now I stand at cusp of happiness at the epitome of this planet’s dream

I am composing a requiem for a funeral when they are rooting for a sports theme

I am troubled by imaginary ghosts and gremlins of my past

I have been drinking my own blood turning it into ink that lasts

Now I stand in the middle of the arena and I hold the ball so near

I have conquered my greed before But I now I must shed my fear

For what is a poem that goes too long

For what is a song that gets one note wrong

For what is a joke that doesn’t make you smile

For who is a poet but another number in a file



Just to let you know

I met my dear friend just to let you know

The plan was last moment we almost didn’t go

I got a shave for 300 bucks you know

So I look good when my friend decided to show

She kept me waiting for a while when asked she said parking woe

We matched the romantic movie together then

This time I behaved like a gentleman


We parted ways in the evening time

Promised to meet soon or it will be a crime

To keep friends waiting saying we are busy so

What’s life without family and friends you know


One more

artifacts and gizmos and dust in my mind

as I sweep them for memories I no longer find

walking miles and chasing balloons

unable to talk but whistling tunes

drinking from the pot of mirth

never mind this expanding girth

of regrets and remedies that could have been

appearances that should be better to be seen

video calls and sunlight rooms afar

things left unsaid doors opened ajar

listening to the music blasting away his doubts

the emotions raining and clouding dark his thoughts

one more poem was asked and one more poem there

one more lion now in  a zoo one more caged bird here

here I go borrowing cliches and turning the page

channelizing my love to overcome my rage



The Gift

She writes to him across the land

She says she tried but fails to understand

How he writes poetry so fine so good

How he weaves words like chiseled wood

He replies I don’t know why God gave him the gift

When his mood is low his poetry does lift

His gloomy demeanor and his brain

Learns to live life be cheerful again

God Gifts us all some choose to ignore

Some paint windows when they should carve a door

Some are good in business Some are good in words

Some are good at being animals some good at being birds

Do you know your gift that sets you unique and apart

The one thing from the crowd that fills your cart

Some spend a lifetime never finding what could have been their gift

Some are much more quickly much more swift

The latter find joy, happiness, success or money take two

The former find the journey is worthwhile too

God’s unique gift to each person in mankind

Is waiting right here for each one to find