Music and Beer

20170629_190002I am listening to nobel prize bob

Quaffing third world beer

Dreaming games of drones

Away safe under a cloud without fear

Ignoring the ghosts and spooks behind

All imaginary all only in my mind

I dare to listen on to metal rock

I am in an empty house no one wants to knock

Strangely  to pop george i am on

Love and rhythm linger on song

Music and beer do sometimes surprise

Defeat life and inevitable lies

A return to ole days

A return to days of ole

Joy in hand destiny foretold

Loving freedom and beauty alike

Without kings waiting to put my head on a pike

Living life on terms of your own

Equally comfortable with company and alone

Carefully monitoring the weather for snowstorms

Hoping someday to grow up to be the knight who rights wrongs

Days of ole are here again Comrade Wurtz

Are you going to join us or are you still pretending to be hurt