Someday we will rise

( a rap song)

my mind my thoughts are battered
recent events have left my face mud splattered
I cant speak loud I am shattered
I can think straight my feelings are scattered
While I burnt and toiled you got fatter
Shut up and leave or read the latter

someday we will rise
these rulers we despise
our emotions we disguise
for someday we will rise

that is how some people get their bread and butter
while pushing and shoving others to the gutter
someday we will rise we mutter
deep dark this place presently shuttered
not ready yet caterpillar cant flutter
you failed to seize the moment and did splutter

someday we will rise
these rulers we despise
our emotions we disguise
for someday we will rise

so the times the situation your present it stinks
helplessly you ask the bartender for a drink
then the moments passed and your eyes began to blink
someday we will rise and the plan is what you think

someday we will rise
these rulers we despise
our emotions we disguise
for someday we will rise

A day of blondes

bored from my boring existence
tired of pretending I care so much
I went to the richer part of town
and ogle at the beautiful boring blondes

I met blonde 1 in an old watering hole which was an old pub
She was busy talking to her fat but obviously rich companion
It cost me 200 rs and a beer to ruminate over
my poverty continues to deprive me of blonde companions

I met blonde 2 in a museum and she was pretty in a green dress
Obviously rich enough to buy any of the paintings on the wall
or to curate them in a gallery so it took me Rs 10 and two hours
to discover poor artists wont attract pretty gallerinas unless they die

I met blonde 3 on the street where she was pretending to be lonely tourist
So all the locals could be nice to her and her blonde loneliness
But her hair was as fake as her smile
The lady was at work and I am not buying

I met blonde 4 in a coffee cafe
she was reading a book and while glancing over
Actually smiled at me so I guess I should have smiled back
Except who would write this poem down if I start smiling at random blondes

The things I do for my readers and my fans
You unknowing unthinking people
You owe me a beer someday
For all this free cheap entertainment

times in a beery cafe

times in a beery cafe

are good times indeed

much merriment and much joy

if only for a moment


beautiful people

look at each other

making love in their dreams

dreams are better than reality

beer bubbles up

music pipes down

beery times in beery cafe

good times memorable times indeed.

mumbai trains


Mumbai trains make a rhythmic sound
hugging the earth as they run the ground
iron handles shake and swing
every three minutes stations bring

cheerful people of a hurry hurry land
Mumbai trains are anything but bland
they entice and they lure you inside
if only a place to sit you can find

sweet Mumbai sea breeze better than
any air conditioned metro built to plan
viva Mumbai and viva Mumbai train
my station is up lets get down again


best days of my life


birthdays when I was a child
vacations when I was a bachelor
winning in football when I was an athlete
clearing the exams when I was a student

first time I made out with a girl
first time I held my baby boy in my arms
when my first poem got published
when I first got a cheque for writing

when I bought my first car and showed it to my folks
when I wrote my first book and showed it to the internet
when I prayed to God and discovered HE listens back
when I missed you but realized someday you will come back