writing a song

I am trying to write a song

Just like that Dont get me wrong

Inspiration is in short supply

I am worried if it may be too long

Now poems are a dime a dozen

But songs can sell for a tonne

Poems are elusive happiness

Songs are instant fun

Songwriters go to heaven now

Poets go everywhere  but how

Songs go how poems keep low

While you just keep checking the Dow

So I am trying to write a song while

Maybe earn some money on the sly

I cant sing or play the piano but I can hope

Someone else can make my rhymes fly

I was trying to write a song

But I could not make it go

the dance was fast

But the tempo too slow


Despite the fall

i have spent all my life poor

Selfishly seeking death despite my fears

everytime I knocked on the door

St Peter kept kicking me down stairs

well I guess I deserved it

i am crooked in a round world

so I don’t fit

a wrinkled flag unfurled

having being a roguish poet all along

hoping to turn the noise into a song

breaking all the China against the wall

loving all the idiots trying to make me small

against all the haters trying to make me crawl

against all my lovers making me a doll

against all the assassins on the grassy knoll

still rising to my Lord despite the fall



all to the day

I dont think I am going to heaven

I dont think I am going to hell

I am going to take all my pills

and charm you with my spell

I am no spy no hacker

I am a very ordinary man

No sooner do you begin to believe my lie

The shit hits the goddamn fan

I am not rich nor poor

I can afford some beer and wine

I know I gotta keep earning my bread

Stay within the fucking line

This is all I have today

This is all I can say

This is less than what you needed

This is all to the day

No one

No one asked me what went wrong

No one said it is not the right song

No one laughed and no one cried

No one helped me when my hopes died


In a world where dollars equal time

In a world where evidence equals crime

I was tried convicted and buried still

Before I could protest my innocence and will

No one said and no one tried

What is your side of the story aside

No you are wrong for you are man

We are Gods and we judge when we can

You are noone and it won’t count none

Before the holy father man and son

You have breached the peace and you shall go

So we can strut and pour and let the world know




Sometimes I wonder

When love passed me by

In the blink of an eye

I became too old to cry

Too jaded to wonder why

The failed catcher in the rye

Some times I think

As I grow old

Less bold more cold

Have my poems lost their shine

Expression sounds like a whine

Did I cross too many a line

Sometimes I think

If that is all to it

If I’ve used life just a bit

For oblivion to suck me dry

Annoyed by my latest why

I hoped for yes and life said nay

Chasing fame like an anonymous rat

Chasing anonymity like a famous brat

Surrounded by technology longing for nature green

Surrounded by longing looking by nature a has been

Wondering pondering longing too much

Wandering pandering lunging as such

Sometimes I think I think too much

But that’s the way they made me from the cradle to grave

I walked with kings and now I drown with knaves

I was a prince and now lead slaves

Exodus of the rebels for the promised land

Sometimes I think I overplayed my hand