Why wont

Why won’t you leave me

The demons of my mind

And my imagination so unkind

My love for dance and occasionally romance

My thirst for randomness and the dice of chance

My irresponsible ways my bohemian days

My staring at the moon and it’s silver rays

A lifelong addiction to use words to bend

And wondering thereof when this will end


In the middle of believers I smirk While people smile and clap I slip and lurk I have been there I have seen it before There are no miracles left anymore — Jesus died and now he is in heaven above A lot of hate now where is the love He won’t be curing the lepers any more There is no hope for their wounds and sores — I am better now but that may change Is that the Lord or is it the Devil strange I have lost my hope and I question my faifh I have too much anger I am too late — I listen and I nod but I question inside Did I join the club or am I there for the Ride Do or can I ever love again or will I just sleep through sermons in  pain



I said I am sorry but I had to go

I had plans to fulfill experiences to know

I have to move on before I get left behind

I have to confront the demons and angels in my mind

This is too much or these are too many

After n misses I no longer think it is funny

I waited for you but I waited too long

I ended up singing whimsical songs

But we all have a right to love and be loved

For love is god and god is unrepoved

I should lower my expectations and freeze my plan

I should quit the ego, the attitude and elan

Love is a flying saucer and mine wont take off

Because I cursed with whimsy confuse fun with love

So I set on as I go on with much more care

I try to move on there by leaving here

Inga Pinga poe

Inga Pinga Poe

Pockets full of snow

Catchers in the rhye

Joker’s asking why

Hatters mad at party of tea

Cheshire cats smiling thee

Live and love heaven above

Lennon dead but Yoko’s ahead 

No rhyme or reason so

Higher ground lesser know

Likes are fake but that’s ok tonight

Fights aren’t fair but that’s all right

Inga Pinga Poe

It’s ok to sleep you know