Poet’s Block

I am out of inspiration I am out of rhymes

My friend you no longer have the time

To listen to my warbles as I wrack my brain

To hold your attention once more again

I listen to music in my head and I try to go down to type

My fingers are now raw but my head is actually ripe

As I type and type I try to come up with a catchy tune

my swag is cooler than December and hotter than June

A poem a  song a limerick a tune a rhyme to go

My thoughts are fast but my fingers are slow

This is all I could think and type again today

But come here tomorrow there may be more to play

the places we go

the places we go and  the places we have been

the trails we forgot to wipe the trials we have seen

the adventures yet to come the love and romance in lieu

while the many marched in the crowd we hung back a few

we hacked elections for money we hacked studios for fun

so much better than hurting people with a gun

is hurting the crony capitalists and robber barons

we wanted to change the world impatient to change it at once

but they were too focused on advertising the not so evil guys

we grew so sick of their spin and their lies

so we created our alternate reality for we knew it was real

if you cant change for kids dying I think  you no longer feel

the places we go the emotions we have been up and down

we played the clown when the circus came to town

while you were humming like the birds we were dancing ballet

while you were paying for TV ads we stole third base away

Against Stupidity Truth Dies

Against stupidity the gods above contend in vain

Against intelligence the politicians below struggle in pain

Against common sense capitalism makes a mark

For every Bruce Banner we present the House of Stark

Against what ought to be done for the common good

We have weekly massacres decimating human brood

Against unity and common action we find

We sip martinis leaving our brothers body behind

Love conquers all but money buys more love

In spite of the warnings we ignore angels above

We chose demons inside and from hell to find

Because heaven is boring the Devil has more fun in mind

So we ignore the shootings and we ignore the shoutings

Ignore the slowly baked planet we succumb to the doubting

God built us to search for the truth but truth is now a tweet multiplied

I wanted the truth but all you gave was lied tied compromised


poetry in my vein 

I have poetry in my vein  I have music in my brain

I love the mystery of life I ponder it without refrain

I think and write and I rest and write  again

Even when my mind starts screaming from the pain

poetry has helped me heal and it has healed my bounce

I was all alone before now I am a lion ready to pounce

I was inspired by a girl far away and I chose to pray

Thinking should I tell her again or should I keep writing today

I have started to write this poem I guess I need to close the end

Sometimes love and life are a straight road, sometimes a bend

This is not a game of football nor a game of cards

We are neither hackers nor poets or bards