Wounded Horses

It is always the rider’s fault never the horse
War horse soldiers longer than some wars
Lonely is the head that shoulders command
As it ponders what to give what to demand
Shadows remain in the veteran’s mind
Cheap medicine to cure what left behind
Wounded warriors are like hobbled horses limping by
No use to anyone invisible to anyone who claim they tried

Head Spin

everyone changes everything everyday
everything changes everyone every way
the best laid plans make men into mice
everyday is a gamble a roll of dice
its called living and its called life
these ever changing plans we are forced to write
artists steal equally from misery and mirth
destiny oscillates in length and in girth
some days are sparkling wine and cheese
some days are begging her will you let me in please
every word I sit and type
brings me emotions raw or ripe
every now and then I wonder if at all
is there a plan big  or small
I give up then tired changing plans
some days I retreat some days advance
cool is the comfort of every moment in solitude
primal the emotion in the metaphorical sauna nude
so to begin every loss every win
everytime you make my head spin

Who is your Shepherd

Who is your Shepherd your guiding light

Is it your ambition is it your ego

Is it you drive to leave notches in the sands of the world

Is it your fantasies of what your destiny



is it God

is it Positive and kind forces

hoping you will someday grow up

you will someday come around

and drink tea

just like a gentleman you were meant to be

I miss you son

I miss being your dad Kush but most of all

When I see kids playing along

Destiny and divorce lawyers too away our playing time

Perhaps you will read this in 2029

regardless of what else the internet tells you about me

know this son

you were both loved and missed

and maybe you can forgive your father

because he could not be your dadimg_20161001_122913