Poetry in my code

Is it the CIA or is it the KGB

that is remotely bugging the hell out of me

Putting virtual gremlins in my code too hard to see

Has it occurred to you how profitable it could be

While I listen to the music in my earphones in my head

My fingers tap tap the music unsaid

As I try to combine code and poetry

Bugs in my code breaking my mental levee

Coders are poets and poets can write in code

All running and skipping down the yellow brick road

Leaving and loving what we left behind

In the eternal sunshine of our dotted mind

There is an elegance to logic and to words

The best songs were sung by chirping birds

The best code was written by giants gone by

We may be pygmies but atleast we try


I loved Bruce Springsteen and I loved the Boss

I loved the way he sang about love and loss

I loved Bobbie Dylan and his ballads and songs

Of how the system fools you into rights and wrongs

I loved Michael Jackson loved the King of pop

Loved the way he dance  and his energy never stopped

I loved Billy Joel and his crooning ways

Of nights of love and American days

I loved Queen and I loved dear Freddy sing

I miss him already and how he did his thing

I love Adele still how she fires the rain

Songs of love and songs of pain

I loved Def Leppard and the way they rock

I grew up listening to the best bands at work

Love is a wonderful drink

Love is a wonderful drink

Much like scotch on ice

Like tequila with lemon and salt

Mixed all cool mixed all right

Love is a wonderful drink

Potent for all who care

It can make you reach heaven

It can make your stony heart aware

Love is a wonderful drink

Do you feel it come on tonight

You have been holding yourself alone

But today the time feels just right

Love is a wonderful drink

Lets sip it slow before we swallow

Lets pause and enjoy the dance

Lest the world thinks us shallow

Love is a wonderful drink

May this drink never end for you my friend

It struck like lightening and took your heart

Let love for you never end